Top models in the commercials: five facts about shootings

top-moda-3Every model seeks to shooting in commercials. This type of top model seeks to big earnings, receiving money often does not care about fame. Taking into account the fact that in commercial industry the fees are usually high people who want to take part in them hope they will be considered good for the part. And the reason is…

Fact№1: a commercial is not prepared for a model, but the model is chosen according to the commercial.

The creation of the commercial begins with writing a script, which starts with the concept of the commercial. Only when concept is set the search for models begins. Guessing which top model- whether it’s a man or a woman- will be needed me the director is simply impossible- it can be a slim girls with long fair hair or a passionate “Carmen”- a woman, who looks like gipsy or Spanish. By the way models who seek to be shot in commercials are the ones who had excellent grades in acting and plastics. As a rule, 10-15 people are chosen for every part in a commercial.

Fact№2: not only top models can act in a commercial

It is not necessary to be a professional model to star in a commercial. There are two ways- to break into the set through friends, acquaintances and relatives or send your photos with a questionnaire to various agencies, pushing yourself. There is a third way- almost fantastic – be at the right time at the right place. There are many stories about the incredible luck of such a plan, but it`s better not to pin your hopes on that.

Fact№3: 70% of top models got the part in the commercial through an agent

top-moda-4Most often casting agencies play the role of these agents- on their sites photos are posted by both beginners and advanced top models. Sometimes former supermodels play this role – “retirement age” in this industry comes very early and they begin to think about the transfer of their experience and training for a new profession. So that`s how modeling schools and agencies with big names on signboards appear.

Fact№4: the most difficult top models for filming are children and old ladies

Moreover, as to the difficulty of the process – rather the opposite –even regular women are concerned about their looks, not to say about top models… How to forget a huge success she had when she was young and beautiful and men looked at her with admiration?  Experienced directors know that it is difficult to work with such a category of advertising models, because they are fretful and constantly worry about their appearance. However, as soon as you remind them about professionalism these ladies change dramatically – shyness is gone. Children are spontaneous and are not afraid of the camera, but they are fidgets and get tired quickly, so repeated takes are torments for them and for the crew – a lot of stress. So – when working with these two categories they should be patient and prepare sedatives.

Fact№5: advertising budget – it’s important!

top-moda-5It`s up to the budget and the concept who will act in a commercial- world famous top model or a starting girl who have just graduated from school.  There are cases when absolutely unsuitable girl was “redone” to be good for the part- luckily nowadays the variety of make up and different adaptions can make Vasilissa the Beautiful from a regular girl. And all because of a small budget movie – well, everyone has their own difficulties.

Top models in advertising – this is a common phenomenon, as well as famous personalities in general. Consumers believe their idols, so a face cream advertised by a famous top model will be bought much better. But no self-respecting model will come to a shooting without making sure that the quality of a product, which will be mentioned in a commercial, is perfect.