Being a top model is difficult!

Fashion-2Many girls aged from 10-12 years old dream of becoming models. They think that after becoming a glamour girl, whose picture is printed on the cover of a glossy magazine, their life is going to get fully right. Men will surely be going after a girl with long and slim legs and her face will be recognized all over the world. For some reason girls don`t put a lot of thought into what the profession of top model is, what qualities a girl should possess in order to work in the world of fashion and become the best among other beautiful girls. A lot of them think it`s enough to walk on podium once and the whole world is going to talk about them or that after the first photo shoot their photos will be printed in the famous magazines. But what the situation is in real?

The main key to success is flawless and beautiful body, as well as its perfect frame. The hair, eyes or the colour of skin do not matter at all. She can be a blond with blue eyes or a mulatto with brown eyes. Nevertheless, there must be something special about the girl`s appearance to make her not only a beautiful woman but an idol for hundred thousands of people. Special appeal should contain charm, attractiveness, beauty, style, refinement, energy and other the key qualities that modern women possess.

Looking into the history of this romantic at first sight profession we have to mention that the term “top model”  appeared  in the 60th of the previous century. It has the meaning of the highest stage in the career of a model. This term was related to the well-known English woman Twiggy. It`s worth saying that this girl was practically a calling card of that decade. Her hairdos, way of dressing and putting on make-up were copied by regular girls and women all over the world.
The faces of the top models are familiar to a lot of people. These girls make contracts with large famous companies. They are always needed and they get huge fees for their work. Their faces are well-known no less, than those of popular nowadays movie and music stars. People love top models, worship them and compare them to goddesses.

Lingerie-Swimwear-6All top models have quite tight schedules. They take part in shootings and shows all the time. Nevertheless, in spite of being tired they always look fabulous, neat and well-groomed. The professional trait of such girls is always attractive smile on the face. It`s worth mentioning that top model and supermodel are the same things, which mean a model who gained the world recognition. And it is often very difficult for a regular model to achieve such success.

The dream of becoming a supermodel isn`t rare among many women and girls, which is not surprising because top models are on the covers of fashion magazines, they are not shy to pose in front of the cameras and they marry oligarchs.

How to become a model? You need to have an “interesting” appearance. It`s worth saying, that many supermodels shouldn`t be compared with universally recognized beauty standards. They often look quite regular and unremarkable without make-up.

Perhaps, only professionals can sense future stars. Nevertheless, it`s too soon to get happy if the girl has appearance with some special quality. She has to be 175-185 cm tall girl with slim body. It`s quite late to start a career of a model after 25, although there were exceptions. The way to this business is shown by the model schools, which will teach the key parts of the job and how to present oneself. And then everything will depend on the girl`s dedication and devotion.