Photo model job

rabota-fotomodelNowadays the profession of a photo model is extremely popular. No one could predict it a few decades ago. In the middle of the 19th century no one even knew about a photo model job. The discoverers of a model business were models. The first photo models appeared when photo art started to develop. The term “model” appeared much later, somewhere in the middle of the 20th century. Nowadays the most famous models` fees are much higher than those of famous theatre actors and movie stars. Photo models remain on TV and the covers of the magazines and therefore can largely influence public opinion.

The first models

The first models in the history of the humanity, who presented fashionable clothes to the upper class, were wooden dolls of human size, which were called Pandora. Later, when the first fashion houses appeared, their owners presented new clothes to the audience by themselves. They were also the first to organize and photo shoots for models. The first models also appeared at that time. They were dancers and actresses for one-time job. The girls wore special black long-sleeve covers under the designer clothes, which were made at that time. Such a tradition had been common for a long time, until a real photo model went on the podium.

Model business development in Russia

rabota-fotomodel-2Such girls were considered the lower rank in the secular society and not everybody wanted to wear clothes that had been worn by them before. At the beginning of the 20th century the first models appeared on the podium. They were Russian emigrants who came from America. They had not only elegant but also special aristocratic charm.

Everything changed dramatically from that moment. It was Russian emigrants who gave French salons a term “secular fashion model”. It is thanks to the Russian girls, their ability to present themselves with inimitable sophistication that the profession of a model and then a photo model became popular and respected. It was them who made the owners of the fashion houses of the time to pay a decent salary for their work.

As a result the fees were enormously high. After the World War I large fashion houses already used the services of popular already models. Girls not only presented the dresses on podium, they took them home, wore them in public and during the walk, they told press about their clothes` origin and thus advertised the fashion houses and draw public attention to them.

Over time, the model business developed in the west more rapidly. World famous photo models who had immense popularity and fame started working in that business. Famous fashion houses fought for the right to have them in their shows.

Now there are many schools and training agencies models who help the girls take their first steps in the modeling industry. In such places young models go to a real school for survival in a complex and wonderful business. The girls managed to succeed take part not only in fashion shows on world podiums but also have their pictures printed in popular magazines and modern fashion journals. The main task of every model is to attract the potential buyer and make the good irresistible so that refuse to buy just becomes impossible. Photo models are the faces of the presented goods and often buyers imagine the models when buying clothes.