Model Career in Moscow

moscow-fotomodel-1The Russian capital is a metropolis, providing incredible opportunities. Many girls who dream about becoming a fashion model in Moscow want to get there from their regions. However, living in a big city is not enough to immediately achieve dizzying success. After all, there are many beautiful girls here and it`s easy to get lost among them if one doesn`t demonstrate competence.

Of course, serious competition is a minus of a crowded Moscow. Well, you can try your hand in the province. But do not rely on a miracle. A successful start of a photo model career in a small town or even a major regional center is better seen as only the first step on the path to glory. And the next step in the getting to the top of the modeling business should be the capital.

Opportunities for a talented model are much wider in Moscow than in any other Russian city. There are leading agencies working directly with global brands to advertise products which constantly require fresh faces. And famous fashion designers often ignite new stars of the podium, finding them through Moscow modeling bureaus.

However, the place on the podium is limited, and not every beautiful girl is lucky enough to become the face of the famous brand. However, in Moscow there is a great chance for a photo model to be in demand in her profession. After all, beautiful girls with serious training are needed for special occasions, and the shooting of commercials or music videos. As a result, many beginner models succeed in movie or show business.


moscow-fotomodel-2Qualities photo model need to have in Moscow


The requirements modeling agencies in the capital are usually very strict. Primarily they, of course, relate to the appearance. The royal posture, beautiful figure of ideal proportions, pretty face with regular features, long legs of good shape, luxurious hair, clear skin – all this a girl who expects success usually already has.

But attractive appearance, the photogenic qualities and the ability to present the image is not a complete list of the qualities needed in this profession. Fierce competition in the capital modeling suggests the presence of an unconditional commitment from those who really intends to achieve fame. A path of a model in Moscow is truly thorny, so only the most persistent and resistant to stress manage to reach the top.

In glossy magazines, we only see a brilliant result of hard work, for which you need high performance. Furthermore, the model must be able to work in a team and perform tasks accurately. Discipline is something without which success, in a profession that requires constant self-restraint, is impossible to reach, so you better forget about the whims before the modeling career.


moscow-fotomodel-3Tips for a beginner model


Even with all the qualities mentioned conquering the world of fashion is not easy. But there are some nuances, the knowledge of which will help those who have no work experience as a model in Moscow, to overcome the first difficulty. After all a professional portfolio, even if it`s prepared very carefully, is sometimes not enough to be noticed.

Large Moscow agencies often receive orders from abroad, so they prefer to work with girls who already have knowledge of several languages at a decent level. Also, you should get a passport in advance, so that in case of unexpected incoming tempting offer you did not have to give up a chance to more far-seeing rivals.

When looking for a job in a serious modeling agency, you should not wear bright make up and clothes of a shocking style. At the first visit you need to look as natural as possible, only very carefully emphasizing your advantages. When creating your own image it is better to avoid negligence and immediately demonstrate the agent your concentration and willingness to work as a Moscow photo model seriously.