Five stable rules of a real top model

top-modaOf course there are much more of them and every top model has her own secrets, but in general there are 5 rules. They are followed by all models without exceptions- from the most famous to starters. So, let`s go!

Rule №1: moistening and one more moistening!

And it has to be not only external, but also internal. The combination of make-up, hairsprays and mousses does not affect top model`s skin and hair in the best way. That`s why regular moistening creams are as a rule not enough. Or else they should be used as often as possible- up to 5-6 times a day. For high quality moistening special liquids with hyaluronic acid are used, as well as special masks and thermal water spraying. Internal moistening is achieved by the maximum quantity of green tea, which not only moistens the skin, but also has antioxidant properties and a positive influence on figure. A mineral water can also be used.

Rule№2: cosmetics should be expensive

A top model who is going to work in the beauty industry for a long happy time will never let herself use a cheap mascara or toner. A great amount of cosmetics shouldn`t be used, but it should be professional cosmetics of a famous brand which meets all the requirements. Consultations with cosmetologists and stylists – it’s like following a diet – needless to say.

Rule№3: the taboo on bad habits

top-moda-1No smoking or alcohol- spoiling the appearance is so easy, but hiding the effects of fun sleepless night is not always working. Generally, the life of top models – is a continuous self-restraint. Fun parties till the mornings are banned ( they are allowed for promotional purposes only and a model is still supposed to look as fresh as a daisy). Certain salon treatments, particularly botox injections, a couple kinds of peels, implantation of threads and stuff are also banned. In the contracts of many top models there is a special item on various restrictions and types of penalties for violation of the rules. Sanctions may be different – from financial to the immediate termination of the contract.

Rule№4: diets can be different

Almost all top models follow the diet, but they follow certain rules: no independent actions or starvation, a diet should be balanced. For many of them short-term diets do not exist at all – proper nutrition becomes a way of life. Special meals are required to be prescribed by the dietitian- no top model would go on a diet without consultation.

International class supermodels know that fast is never a good decision- you may lose weight, but the dark circles around the eyes and wrinkles become inevitable companions. While going on a diet one should remember that beautiful figure is a component of success, but the condition of the skin and hair is no less important and one can lose her beauty very quickly following an unbalanced diet.

Rule№5: a handsome face must be accompanied by a strong character

top-moda-2Easy life of a top model is no more than a myth. Actually the fame is achieved by repeated ups and quick downs, envy and intrigues, competition and deprivation. Not everybody can deal with it, but the ones who are able to do it can make a name for themselves, shine on the podiums and in the commercials and receive huge fees.

Sometimes the desire to become a top model grows from childhood and sometimes people turn out to be working in this business suddenly without even realizing their qualities. But taking part in the first beautiful show is not a triumph, one has to be able not only to win the place under the lights, but also to keeps it and that is something not everybody is capable of.