How fashion and the first top models appeared

moda-istoriyaDo you know how fashion appeared? Nowadays almost every lady seeks to keep up with the latest fashion. We do our best to create a perfect image, which will be highly appreciated by the people around us. Only hundred years ago the word “model” didn`t even exist. This term appeared somewhere in the middle of the 20th century. Nevertheless, men and women didn`t pay much attention to choosing clothes in the ancient times.

Historical information

“Clothing revolution”, that happened in the middle of the 14th century in Europe, was directly connected with improvement of tailoring, which had been divided into many separate professions by that time. Experts started to make great changes in clothes cut. The process of clothes sexualisation had also been started. 2 centuries ago the first image of modern fashion appeared. People noticed that clothes were changed much faster that they were worn out. Although, in that period people thought this phenomenon was quite negative because it was impractical.

In the 16th century new designer ideas were created not by the experts, but by the rich clients who could express any wishes to the executor. The tailor simply followed the order without any changes. As a rule, clothes turned out quite similar to each other.

In the 17th century France became the trendsetter. The European started to express more intensive interest in all possible items of the wardrobe. Women preferred corsets-gourgandines and small muffs with ribbon. The hair-do was supposed to be high. Disordered strands were considered a sign of shamelessness. Velvet beauty marks were also popular at that period.

What`s more, girls were not the only ones who stuck them to their faces. Men also did it. They also wore felt hats and one shoulder coats. The first fashion salons started to open.
In the next years the fashion industry continued to develop. By the end of the 18th century new Russian journals about style appeared. Of course only wealthy people could afford following fashion at that time.

How models appeared?

moda-istoriya-2The first top model appeared much later than the fashion itself. In the beginning of the previous century models who displayed designer clothes appeared. It happened in France. The first serious fashion show involving 150 models took place in the USA in 1915. Girls were not supposed to meet the requirements of 90-60-90 figure.

It is interesting that back then models wore closed black dresses underneath the clothes they were displaying because clients didn`t want to buy things that had touched someone else`s body.
In the 60-70th the term “supermodel” comes into use instead of “model”. Women with attractive appearance started to appear on the covers of different magazines. Such cute girls were often needed for different advertising campaigns. At that period the fashion for thinness appeared. Since then many women seek to create a perfect figure.

Being a modern model is quite difficult. A woman is supposed to have many skills and continue professional development, apart from meeting certain requirements. The life of a model presupposes quite tight schedule and constant care about one`s beauty. Only dedicated girls ready to put a lot of effort into achieving a goal can build a successful career.