Is it easy to be a photo model?

Which girl or woman hasn`t imagined herself at least once on the pages of the bright glossy magazines instead of charming photo models? There are practically no women who haven`t done it. Every silly little girl imagines the life of a photo model as a shiny fairytale- the flashes of the cameras, white teeth smile, the tilt of the head and mysterious look. And afterwards- a large fee, trips abroad, dinner at a restaurant…But even in the fairytales the main characters don`t get their happiness in the form of the prince on the white horse out of nowhere and their life is much more complicated though more interesting.

The way to the glossy magazines

Lingerie-Swimwear-2What is necessary to get to the beautiful world that brims over with charm and where the eyes shine with happiness? First of all, one has to get rid of illusions. Even if you are madly beautiful it doesn`t mean that the most fancy photographers of Europe are looking forward to work with you. You will have to win your right to smile from the cover of fashion magazine. Second of all you have to judge your appearance objectively and remember that camera doesn`t love everybody. You may be charming, but you may look really unattractive in the photo. Third of all you have to get ready for considerable expenses. There are certain unwritten rules for models, especially photo models which should be followed:

•    Take care over the skin of your face, neck and the décolleté area. Taking care over the body is a separate matter. And don`t think that if you are eighteen than your skin doesn`t really need any special care. The thing is a special make-up is on models who pose in the photo shoots (if you thought that photo models were naturally perfect you must be naive).The make-up is quite thick and multi-layered so it is necessary to take it off  but don`t you even think about washing it off with soap! Use only special lotion of milk produced by some expensive company. Going to sleep without taking off even regular make-up is now unacceptable for you or else your skin will undoubtedly be damaged.

•    The food you eat should be of a better quality that it is for future mums. You have to eat healthy food which is good for your skin and figure. And don`t forget that the camera visually adds about 5-6 kilos to your actual weight, so watch it in order not to look a fat cow on the pictures.

•    Following a fixed routine is necessary. Although you are not sportsmen you will have to go to sleep not later that 10pm (say good bye to parties!). Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol is banned (nobody needs swollen eyelids and grey skin). You are supposed to drink not less than 2 litres of water a day and so on.

•     You have to take care of your health, which is supposed to be excellent for every model. You also have to regularly visit a dentist, a hairdresser, a manicurist and a beauty parlor.
You will have to spend your money not only on expensive and good-quality cosmetics, healthy food and other constituent parts of your beauty, but also on portfolio made by professional photographer.

Is it easy to be a photo model?

Meeting all the challenges and being strict to yourself you finally appeared on the pages of a fashion magazine? Congratulations! But don`t forget that the job a photo model is far from being easy. A model has to be an actress a little. She is supposed to be able to express different kinds of emotions in front of the camera, such as helpless laughter, sadness or desperation that causes readers to have goose bumps.

And remember about the photo shoots that last many hours, when for a long period of time you have to change your pose every minute, rarely letting yourself have a short break! By the way the shooting are not always taken in studios lit up by floodlight. Although even studios are not very comfortable, because it`s very hot in there, for example during the photo shoots where you are supposed to imitate light shadow in the snowy forest or fearless steeplejack on huge height and even if you are afraid of heights you have do it because it`s your job. If you act in commercials it`s a complete surprise where you will have your photo taken this time and who you will have to act.

Do you think you will want to go a restaurant after such an exhausting working day? There you go, the only thing you will want is to put your head on a pillow and sleep for at least 10 hours, not only without taking your make-up off, but without getting undressed which you cannot do.

But the one who will meet all the challenges and will not break, the one who will be strict with oneself, who will have the energy to not lose one`s temper, to not swear a photographer and make-up artist and to not faint in front of the cameras, will become a real photo model whose white-teeth smile shines from the covers of fancy glossy magazines and whose name is familiar to the whole world.