Any model is working hard on her portfolio. I can even say that an effective communication with an agency is impossible without a good set of information about the future employee. As I am working in this area for more than 2 years, it is not the news for me how important the portfolio is. Professional model’ downloads can advertise her from the good point of view or show all her disadvantages if they are shown in a wrong way. My portfolio is full of documents that show me as a professional, responsible and hard-working person.I did everything to represent all the documents in a convenient way for you to read and download them. My website offers you getting acquainted with the next documents: CV (Resume) Comp card, Promotional Flyer and business card. Any of them is connected with the world of fashion and show all the necessary information to you, my future employer.
Resume that is represented here is up to date. It contains of my biography, agencies I worked with and other important information that make you confident that you will work with a professional. I can say that this variant of resume made my success many times. Every sentence you will read there is true.Professionals work only with professionals and don’t like tangled ways of finding new information. Everything should be easy reading and open the new person from exact point of view (that is interesting for the employer). I created my portfolio exactly in this way. Everything is shown widely and understandable.All the documents are represented in PDF and Word files, which are the most convenient types for reading. All the documents are free for downloading and perusing. You should justhave these applications to view the documents in the best possible way on your computer. Also they are free for printing. So I did all these for your pleasure to enjoy my files.
While downloading the files you can easily read even more information about my experience in the fashion area and find out that I am a real professional model that you are looking for.My website can give you answers for any of your questions. If you have any problems with downloading or if some information is not clear for you, get in touch with the “contact tab” or write directly to me. If this way of solving the problem is not convenient, ask for the site moderators’ help. As for me, I am ready to communicate and give you the helping hand if it is needed or accept your offer.
If you have any questions or have difficulty downloading these please get in touch using the “contact tab”
Professional model’s downloads: