About me

Irena Ushakova: «My life’s motto – A thing of beauty is a joy forever»!

Dear Sir/Madam!

Let me introduce myself: Irena Ushakova.
I am an international model and actress. To be able to claim this I work passionately every day enjoying every moment of it. And so I am glad that you are reading my profile.
I am fortunate to have effectively worked with some of the best modeling agencies and photographers in Europe. While working in the international modeling business I succeeded in cooperation with many professionals.
I have travelled the globe: within 7 years I have been to more than 20 countries.

Model international
Model parameters
International model parameters

Why do I love doing what I am doing?

Let me answer this downward simple: I just fell in love with my job from the very first sight! In addition to this pleasure of serving the Art and the Beauty, I:

    — build relationships with renown professional agencies and photographers
    — grow professionally
    — am able to express myself in many different ways
    — successfully participate in different beauty contests. Thus, I pride myself in having won the Titles of Miss Siberia and Miss Moscow; have also participated in Miss Fashion with Pierre Cardin, and so on.
    — know the skill of team and productive work with photographers and designers.
    — derive pleasure in what I do as an artist, as I see the admiration in people’s eyes, inspired by my work!
    — used to be always “on the go”, any moment, to any point of the globe!
    — meet new people and see new places

As you can see, dear Ladies and Gentlemen, the modeling and acting business for me is not just a “business”, it is a lifestyle, which I thoroughly enjoy!

If you want to hire a professional model  you are moving the right way. I have been working in this area for many years and I know almost all the nuances. Also my model parameters are strictly normal (this point is important for both me and you as an employee).

My own “business card”

I have no secrets from my employers, so let me “open cards up” here and now:

    — Ethnicity Caucasian
    — Experience International model and actress.
    — Fluent Russian/English

Model parameters

    — Clothing Size 42 (Rus) 6 (UK)
    — Weight 49kg
    — Height 174cm
    — Hair Colour Brown
    — Foot Size 39 (EU)
    — Chest : 88cm B. EUR 75, F 90. USA/UK 34
    — Hips 88 cm
    — Waist 60cm
    — Hair Length Waist Or longer
    — Type of Body: Athletic
    — Eye Colour: Dark Brown
    — Skin Tone Tanned

My Beauty Contest and Photo-shoots Career:

    — Miss Siberia 2005
    — One of my earlier awards but one of my proudest moments being crowned Miss Siberia
    — Miss Altai Krai 2006
    — A highly prestigious award in a beauty contest to show a variety of talents and intelligence
    — Miss Moscow 2012
    — Runner-up in Miss Moscow 2012 with fierce competition a wealth of talents
    — Miss Fashion 2012
    — Participant in Miss Fashion 2012 in France with Pierre Cardin.
    — Have taken part in hundreds of photos shoots in more than 20 countries across the world, varying from fashion, beauty, bikini, and runway.
    — Vice Miss World Russian Beauty 2014 (www.missrussianbeauty.ru)

Key Television/Acting Roles:

    — Russian Television series «Margot» 2013
    — Television Comedy Series «University» 2013
    — Russian Television series «Happy Together» 2013
    — Television Series «Secrets of the Resort», Turkey. Friday.ru 2013
    — Television Drama «Intuition». 2013
    — Television Documentary– «Can’t stop loving» 2013
    — Television Trailer for Russian Comedy Show ‘Comedy Woman’ 2013
    — Television Show «Prophylaxis» 2013
    — Television Series ‘Noble Ladies’ 2013
    — Television Broadcast «Egoist» 2013
    — Swimsuits Photo-shooting by Franca Fietz Berlin/Moscow. 2013
      — Artwork by photographer Bruno Alexandre France. 2013


    — Artwork by Eddy Ballardi Photography, Designed by Cristina Chirila Fashion Stylist Berlin 2013
    — Artwork with Russian Photographer Oleg Tityaev Moscow 2013
    — Photo-shooting with PATRICK MILLER. Berlin, 2013


    — Professional photo-shooting with Goffredo Galli. Rome, Italy. 2014


    — Master-class of Russian Photographer Andrey RAZOOMOVSKY Moscow 2013
    — Photo-shooting for the web site “Global Bikini” 2013
    — Photo-shooting in the Ambrotype (collodion positive) Style By Russian photographer Andrey Romanov 2013
    — Artwork by photographer Frank Lassak Germany 2013
      — Photo-shooting for the beauty salon and equipment


    — Photo-shooting with Russian Photographer Andrey Arkusha 2013
    — Photo-shooting with Eckhard Joite for the German pharmaceutical company . 2014.
    — Photo-shooting with Marco Kokkot for the Magazine Valeur models (www.valeurmodels.com)

Education and qualifications:

    — Faculty of Vocal, College of Music, Novosibirsk Conservatory.
    — School of Arts, The Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS)
    — English Course, English First. London, UK.
    — Moscow Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting «Ostankino»

I am looking forward to hear from you if you are interested in my work!

My professional ambitions:

    —I’m interested in hearing from professional agencies, photographers and production teams.
    —I am looking to be involved in new castings, current and future projects where I could apply variety of my talents, as well as ability to fluently speak two languages.
    —I can cope with challenging projects as I know how to effectively allocate your strengths and talents!

Dear Sir/Madam! I will be in your area sometime in July 2013. New business acquaintances are so wonderful, as this shall benefit both sides and set us up for new achievements. I am confident that we are to move along to mutual success!

You can always contact me using the details on the “Contacts” (email and telephone) on my website. Let me assure you that I will thoroughly consider your offer!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Yours Faithfully Irena Ushakova