6 steps of a pencil skirt from a photo model girls to the business lady

yubka-karandashPencil skirt is like a demanding teacher: impossibly strict, but helped more than one generation of women to have a successful interview. Even if you are at least three times frivolous and flirtatious when you are wearing a pencil skirt you are the goddess of wisdom and grace, and Coco Chanel is proud of you.

Step 1

English fashion of the late XIX century mercilessly mocked his followers of women and offered hobble skirt – “lame” skirt. The model had a length to the floor and was so narrow that the women of fashion had to do exaggeratedly small steps, justifying the name of the skirt. Just below the knee it was bandaged with ribbon, which made the moving even more difficult. However, women had to wait for a long time to the emancipation of the ladies, so they were slowly limping in their hobble skirts- foremothers of skirts-pencils.

Step 2

Coco Chanel impressed with the success of her famous dress-case and in 1926 offered women a logical continuation – an elegant, tight hip skirt below the knee. The ribbon which prevented from moving disappeared from hobble skirt, the skirt became shorter and stressed all the advantages of a female figure and is firmly settled in the wardrobe of Coco Chanel.

Step 3

The skirt went into mass production due to the Coco`s competitor, Elsa Schiaparelli. In 1930, Elsa began selling several collections with skirts-pencils, covering knees. Narrow skirts Schiaparelli were particularly popular in the postwar era, when spending extra meters of lush fabrics and styles couldn`t been afforded and was not comme il faut.

top-model-london-2Step 4

Christian Dior shortened a skirt from Coco, releasing the Naturelle collection in 1951. Due to Dior girls models dressed in a pencil skirt had gone through all the world’s podiums, so that soon this skirt could go down to the people and become an essential attribute of any fashion conscious woman`s wardrobe.

Step 5

In 1956 Dior created the latest collection in his life called Flèche in search of new forms of concise, where pencil skirt took an honorable place next to the shift dress. Jacqueline Kennedy tried a pencil skirt on. It would seem,”Pencil” already was at the peak of popularity, but what concerned the first lady returned to the podium for an encore. Thanks to Kennedy a pencil skirt has become a symbol not only of style but also of female independence.

Step 6

In the early 1990s pencil skirts were sold out to business women. Here, at last, the emancipation! No more hobble skirts- only comfortable and stylish pencil skirts, equally emphasizing hips and status. The sharp lines cut and absence of extrinsic decor style made it attractive for women of different ages and build. A pencil skirt has become the philosopher’s stone of the fashion industry – it turns any collection to gold. A pencil skirt remains the designers` amulet. Today it is like a coin thrown into the Trevi Roma Fountain: it brings good luck to any collection. Moschino offers classic “pencils “, from time to time allowing themselves to add to the strict frivolous skirt slit.

Those who love extravagant appearance should pay attention to models from Balenciaga – strict pencil skirt from Dior is decorated with extravagant details and colorful prints. After decades of domination of various kinds of mini and maxi an elegant pencil skirt from Dior collections returned to Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan and John Galliano.